Meet the Duke of Fremont

When the Duke is seated at the $1 – $2 no limit table, the main focus switches from his thirties’ attire to the splendid display of $100,000 to $200,000 in cash neatly arranged in front of him. “Sometimes people ask me where I get the money,” says the Duke. “I simply tell them it comes from my violin case. But a more serious answer is that I’ve been saving it since I was young.”

He is called The Duke of Fremont Street because of the downtown Las Vegas poker rooms that he frequents. They’re the ones that have no cap on the buy-in and the Duke can display his gold clasped $5,000 bundles and $1,000 bills as much as he likes. And he likes it a lot.

The Duke is at the small blinds table not only to play poker, but to make an appearance. He loves the attention. As long as he’s getting attention, he’s a winner for the evening.


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